Award Merit Course

towing with aid

This is a higher level Module for a qualified lifesaver to establish a higher level of knowledge, understanding and practical ability in aquatic rescue situation.

Pre-requisite : Bronze Medallion Award. Able to swim 2 laps in 2mins 30 secs.

For BM, AM, DA classes

Place: Geylang East Swimming Pool


Minimum Age : 15 years old.

Skills covered in Standard Module.
B. Longer distance Tows.
C. Resuscitation in deep water without support.
D. Further Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.
E. Further Emergency Care.

Senior Resuscitation Course


This Module prepares the trainees to provide further lifesaving techniques of 2 Man CPR and aquatic and standard emergency care.

A. Further One Rescuer CPR.
B. Two Rescuer CPR.
C. Further Foreign-Body-Airway-Obstruction Management.
D. Mouth-To-Mask techniques.
E. First Aid.
F. Basic Anatomy and Physiology.