Lifesaving 123 Course Introduction

Lifesaving 123 is to provide an introduction to lifesaving and to develop an initial  appreciation of water safety, rescue and resuscitation skills. to improve trainee’s knowledge and skills in lifesaving preparatory to the Standard Module.

wading rescue

Pre-requisite: Must be able to swim at least 200 meters in breaststroke or any other recognisable strokes.

Course Syllabus: 27043_420483025827_592950827_5234270_5014756_n
A. Water safety knowledge.
B. Casualty simulated – Weak-swimmer, Non-swimmer, Injured swimmer and Unconscious swimmer.
C. Reaching, Wading, Throwing and Accompanied Rescues.
D. Entries – Shallow and Deep water entries.
E. Exits and Landings.
F. Resuscitation – Expired Air Resuscitation, Resuscitation on land and in water.
G. Surface Dive and Underwater Swim.
H. Defences and releases.
I. Swim and Non-contact Tow.
J. Use of bystanders.
K. Initiative Training.
L. Knowledge on :-
Casualty Recognition / Principles of Water Rescue
Dangers of Cold Water / Treatment for Hypothermia
Basic First Aid Treatment.

This Module prepares the trainees to respond effectively in water emergencies to the standards required of a qualified lifesaver. By attaining this module, you will become a certified professional Lifeguard and will be able to look for a lifeguard position.

pole rescue lifesaving27043_420487250827_592950827_5234405_2297141_n
towing lifesavingtowing with aid