How much can you earn when become a lifeguard?
There are full time and part time lifeguard job opportunities in the market. Depending on different organizations, the salary range about $8-$20 but the opportunities of becoming an instructor will definitely letting you earn more.

How to become a certified professional lifeguard?
All you need to do is attend 2 courses that are Lifesaving 123 and BM & CPR. By getting your BM and CPR, you will be considered as a professional lifeguard and apply for jobs in Singapore.

Is there a Demand for lifeguard?
Yes, There are total of 22 SSC pools and many private clubs and Condos like Wild wild wet, Safra, Sentosa that require lifeguards.

How long do I need to take to pass the Lifeguard courses?
As Lifesaving 123, you will be able to pass after 6-8 hours of course. As for BM & CPR, normally candidates will be able to pass with 12-16 hours of training if they are proficient in their swimming. Total Duration is about 2-3 months.

Is it expensive to take the courses?
For Lifesaving 123, our package is $350. For BM & CPR, our package is $350. If you are sure that you like to take both programmes, both course will be $680. I believe the prospect that comes after is much more than our course fees.

What if I am not able to come for BM and higher level class?
We hope to achieve a quality class; therefore we encourage our students to be punctual and consistent in our training. You have 4 months to complete your course and attend the test.

How do I register and make payment for the lessons?
Simply call Jason at 9684 2858 to confirm your registration.

How big is the lifesaving class?
Class is max 6 for lifesaving 123 and max 10 for higher level awards.

Are lessons conducted even though it’s raining?
Lessons are conducted regardless of the weather, theory lessons,land drills and cpr training will be substituted during bad weather.

What are the qualifications of your instructors?
To ensure the quality of coaching, I will be the only coach to provide the training. I am not a tution agency to earn a cut when you register.

 I have attained Lifesaving grade 3 award, swimming Instructor (NCAP Level 2) and scuba diving instructor award. Such qualifications will give more insights and experience to lifesaving when imparting my knowledge in lifesaving. I also have 10 years of lifesaving experience.