Head Position Head too far back
Eyes looking towards to the sky
Pillow l
Chin not touching the chest
Pillow lying position
Body Position Hips to deep in water Supine position with both ears in water with hips just slightly below surface
Arm Action Arms above water surface
Arms are not bent
Hands too far of the body side
Straight arm pull
Moving backwards
Similar to back crawl arm strokes except shallower pull
Bend phrase – hands move towards shoulder (or sometimes the head) underwater, close to the body by bending at the elbows
Kick phrase – hands pushes backwards in a question mark fashion with pressure being felt at the palms; elbows leading the motion
Glide phrase – straightening of arms
Leg Action Hips bent in the bending phrase
Toes not pointed during the glide
Feet are too stiff
Knees and heels break water surface
Knees outside ankles when kicking
Inverted breaststroke kick
Bend phrase – knees bend first (until about 90°)
Kick phrase – thrusting feet apart and backwards with heels make a circular pattern: “knocked knees”. water pressure is felt at the soles and the insides of the feet
Glide phrase – feet coming together as leg straightened with the toes pointed
Breathing Face is above water at all times
 Timing no coordinated movements Bend-kick-glide