Swim Clinic- Stroke Enhancement


Express beginner course – Learn the techniques

Are you afraid of the waters and scared to swim?

Do you feel that you can’t move in the waters?

We can help you. We have taught many students from basic water confidence to overcome their fear to be able to Swim both freestyle and breaststroke.

We specialize in coaching techniques for the adults to provide a clear breakdown of strokes to allow you to swim with ease. This help to empower you and allow you to swim with ease and complete task that you never think of. Our lessons cater to individual needs and provide attention to you. You can put your fears aside as we take you through the lessons.

Do you feel that you can’t move fast in the waters? Is swimming seems tiring and hectic for you?

WANT to Swim Gracefully with Confidence?

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How to join us?

Our 6 x 60 mins session aims to teach you all the necessary skills about swimming.


  • We will correct your strokes and doubts about swimming and make sure you will feel a difference by the end of the session.
  • No fuss, no commitment to long swimming programme

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Save time and effort to learn swimming

Our Syllabus

Water Confidence

Learning the right breathing techniques and floating techniques is a must in swimming. Therefore step by step approach and practice will be made to overcome your fear in water and build your confidence in waters.

Swimming strokes

We provide coaching of swimming strokes of freestyle then breaststroke before moving to the deep pool. This helps one to learn in a more comfortable zone and allows maximum learning of the strokes. When approaching the deep pool, one will learn the different techniques to survive including floating, treading water and swimming across the pool without stopping.

Swimming is Easy. Give yourself just 4-8 lessons to learn swimming.

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