To : Jason

My daughter Veda have improved her swimming skill since under your swimming lesson. I appreciated your patience and your caring for my daughter during the swimming lessons.

Sandrah Choo Yan Ling

Lessons are fun and enjoyable yet it is educational.

My swimming skills have improved tremendously due to the teachings of Jason. I have finally gotten my gold certificate and I think that it is an achievement since I was not a fan of swimming. Jason encourages me along the way and I am thankful for what he has done for me.

Chua Yi Da

Jason has been a very patient coach.

He tries his best to impart as many skills as possible to us despite us often having to cancel lessons, which actually causes much inconvenience to him. My friend and I are also afraid of water, which results in us taking quite abit of time to learn especially in the deep pool. However, Jason has yet to lose his cool while teaching us, instead, trying to assuage our fears so that we'll be more confident and comfortable in the water. I am thankful to have such a patient coach, and I can safely say the same for my friend. We are sure that we'll benefit greatly at the end of all the lessons and we look forward to future lessons! 😀

Rachel Tang

First of all I want to say thank you

for everything. I never imagine that I can do my Life Saving 1, 2, 3 and complete in 6 lessons to get the certificate is not easy for a very bad swimmer/Beginning swimmer like me.

Before that, I hesitated to come for this Life Saving 1, 2, 3 because of my bad swimming. I didn’t even dare to enter deep water; I could not do standing position in deep water, the worse is I didn’t have confident at all in the water because I had been drown few times in my teenage age, from then I seldom went to the pool for swimming again.

At the first lesson of Life Saving with you, I saw all other people they can swim and do well, I was very upset and asked my self; “how can I pass this Life Saving test, how can I rescue people? I can’t even do well in my swimming.” But, because of you JASON said “NINA!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Don’t worry, just try your best together with my guidance and coaching, I believe you can do it.”

So I keep on trying, and I was able to practice only once or twice a week as I work full time job and doing overtime as well. After 2nd and 3rd lesson of Life Saving I felt much better, could feel relax and enjoying in swimming, I really appreciate for your encouragement and support, I have more confident in deep water, I dare to swim alone in the middle lane and cross the pool and without goggles that before I couldn’t take it off even for 20 seconds. I can’t believe that I improved a lot after attending few classes from you, very good that you also correct all my strokes for improvement.

The best thing to make me can’t imagine and proud is; from a bad swimmer like me, I passed my Life Saving after completed the course in just 6 lessons. From now on I can swim safer or to save others’ lives in emergency.

Words cannot express my thanks for your patient in teaching me and giving me advice. You are No.1-Jason. You are a good instructor, friendly, patient and passionate.

SO EVERYONE, WHY WAIT? Come for your swimming lesson and Life Saving to swim safer, or to save lives and even become an instructor. I will be an instructor in future.

Best regards

Sok Liyeang

Recently I swim at Gelyang East

swimming pool. I notice there is a young and passionate coach. He is patient and proffesional while he is teaching. His name is Jason. As I want to improve my free-style. So I approached Jason. He is very friendly. He patiently corrected my mistake and also teached me the technique to master swimming. He also delivered his knowledge to me of building muscle and cutting down fat. He has shared with us a lot of his expericence which beyond just teaching us as a coach. He is cool and energetic. He gave us confident when we under his coaching and let us feel comfortable in the water. I deeply appreciate of having such a professional coach. I will definitely recommend Jason to all my friends. You will enjoy and benefit for all the lessons under Jason. A big thank you to Jason.

Wong Yan Kit

I am incredibly grateful and thankful

towards Jason for helping me overcome my fear of deep water as well as drowning. Thanks to him, I've managed to build up my confidence in the water and learn the proper swimming techniques within a short span of 8 lessons. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Jason as a coach to anyone interested in becoming a better swimmer. On top of being a clearly experienced coach, his patience and constant encouragement would easily put you at ease. I have had several swimming lessons as a child and I honestly feel that I've learnt more in my 8 sessions with Jason than with any other swimming coach. Thank you, Jason!

Fatmah Talib

Good swimming instructor.

Very experienced and able to spot your mistakes and correct it immediately. Jason is also very patient and friendly.He has several teaching techniques that is very beneficial in the process of learning.All in all, Jason is a superb teacher and is the one you would want to call if you would like to learn how to swim.

Yao Hueh

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